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Any Other Variety (AOV)

AOV is a catch all  group.  It has all the colors that don't fit into other groups.  The five colors in this group range from the white bodied, dark pointed Himalayans to the Steel with its bright gold tips shining against a deep black coat.  Here at Wind  Blown we have Himalayans from this group. 


 This is an interesting color.  The babies are born white and develop their markings as they get older. The markings are called points.  The points on a Himalayan consist of a colored nose smut, colored ears, feet, legs and tail.  The rest of the rabbit should be pure white.  The eyes are always red.  This color is affected by the temperature the rabbit lives in.  In extremely hot temperatures the "points" may not show up at all and the rabbit will look like white.  In  cold temperatures the "points' become very dark and distinct.  The rabbit may even develop dark spots on the body.  The Himalayan shown above is Neon. Neon is an adult black Himalayan Netherland Dwarf.  You can see her points very clearly.  Below is her young daughter Sheba.  Sheba is about 2 1/2 months in this picture.  She will be a lovely  black Himalayan like her mother.

Watch  Sheba Grow up


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