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Self Colored Dwarfs

Self rabbits are one solid color all over.  The fur near the skin may be lighter in color than the top color but that is the only variation of color allowed in this group.  There are six varieties in this group; Black, Blue Chocolate, Lilac and  two varieties of whites.  Blue eyed whites have brilliant blue eyes while Ruby eyed whites have ruby red pupils with a lighter pink color in the iris.   Our whites are REW or Ruby Eyed Whites and are used in our shaded marten breeding program.



Butterfly was one of our first Netherland Dwarfs. We got her and her brother as babies. Her pictures show what a large sturdy doe she became. 

face shot of a white rabbit


  Of course Large is relative.  Butterfly is sitting  in a scale used to weigh food!

Look at the scale!  Right at 2 1/2 pounds!

Butterfly has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She died attempting to have a litter in June of 2000. She had one live baby who was fostered out. BJ has grown in to a lovely typey Siamese Smoke Pearl Marten. Look for her on our Marten page.




A new addition to our herd is Katie .  When Katie was recently offered to us we jumped at the chance to own her.  She is the mother of our doe Butterfly and we think she is a very nice brood doe.



Katie decided to be nice and pose for me sorta on Feb 16, 20001.  Our rough winter sure doesn't seem to have affected her much, though her cage needs fresh hay.



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