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Tan Patterned Dwarfs

The Tan Pattern Group has five classes in it but many of those classes have four colors in them that compete together. The tan pattern is actually seen in only three variations, Tan, Otter, and Marten. Tans have fiery reddish tan markings, Otters have creamy white and fawn markings, and Martens have silvery white markings.  At first glance these rabbits may look like self colored rabbits but closer inspection reveals the light lip trim, belly and ticking required by this color group.  The four colors recognized in each version are Black, Blue, Lilac and Chocolate.  Martens also are recognized in two shaded patterns. These are the Sable marten and the Smoke Pearl marten.  These shaded colors have their own classes.

Here are two  examples of the tan pattern. On the right is a blue otter and on the left and below is a smoke pearl marten.
These photos gives you an idea of the shading required in the shaded martens.  The head, ears, legs, tail and along the spine is darker with lighter shading on the sides and chest.  You can also see some markings in the pictures including the light lip trim and the collar.

Many of the required markings are visible in this blue otter  photo, but some are more difficult to see than others.  His light lip trim and collar can be seen and so can some of his light belly. His light ear trim is also visible.



Anatomy of on Otter 

Tuffy shows the required light lip trim and fawn ticking on his chest.  Also visible is his collar and  white belly.  If using Himalayans in a marten breeding  program these marking will show up on some of the Himalayans you produce.   These are the "martenized"  Himalayans that are disqualified from showing in almost every breed.  THEY SHOULD NEVER BE USED TO BREED HIMALAYANS!
picture showing fawn line between blue side and cream belly

Triangle - The small areas behind the ears, in the shape of a triangle which is generally lighter in color than the rest of the coat.  This is a feature of all Tan Patterns. 

Tuffy is showing his white belly with a fawn line between it and his blue body. Otter hind feet have light color on the inner side and the outside matches the back and side color.  You can clearly see this division of color on Tuffy's feet.

Lars shows off his belly.  Compare the difference in color of Lars orange markings and Tuffy's fawn markings.  Both have the correct color.  Dilutes (blue and lilac) should have fawn markings while blacks and chocolates  should have orange markings.

All tan pattern colors have similar markings in some shade of red, fawn, or white.  They are the "Pattern" in tan pattern.

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