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Sheba Grows Up


Himalayan patterned rabbits are born pure white and develop dark points as they get older. These pictures show the changes and surprises that can happen as a Himalayan grows up.

Baby Sheba has a long way to go before her points are developed. These were taken at one month old.



See Neon



 Look at her now at almost 2 months. Can you tell her legs and ears have gotten a bit darker?






Sheba had a surprise in store for me. I thought she was  going to be a blue point (gray on her points).  Look what happened!  Her points are turning black!  She will look just like her mom  Neon when she is grown.

These pictures were taken at a bit over 2 months.




Sheba is now 2 1/2 months old. Look how dark her ears and legs have gotten!

Were did those ears come from?  Sheba looks like she has talked a mule out of his ears.LOL

Actually she is reaching the uglies and her proportions will be all out of kilter for a while as she matures



Now at not quite 4 months Sheba is starting to show how lovely she will be as an adult doe. Look how dark her legs have finally gotten. They now match her nose smut which has been black since she was a little over 2 months old

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