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Holland Lops

Small Clowns in rabbit suits!

Sigh, yes, we finally did it. We have Holland lops now. The color that worked its magic on us is the pointed white. This variety is still under development, but good ones are as striking in this breed as in most breeds.  I must admit the loped ears and rounded head do give the color a unique appearance.

Our pointed white stock currently  consists of 2 pointed white does, and two carriers, Teva a Siamese Sable and Macey a self blue. Reba, one of our pointed white does, shows how this pattern looks on a Holland Lop.   At the Cheyenne show in May we acquired a very nice sable point buck for our breeding program.  Thanks Jessica. we all adore Pudgy as we call him. 

Holland Lops are totally different from any breed I have ever had before.  The combination of small size and active clownish personalities  in a Lop eared rabbit is almost totally unique.  The Holland Lop does share many traits with it's wooled cousin the American Fuzzy Lop.  Chief among these traits are their small size (under 4 pounds for show rabbits)  body and head type is similar and both come in a rainbow of colors.  Altogether both breeds are delightful clownish rabbits.






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