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Sometimes when breeding pointed whites a carrier is as good as an actual pointed white.  Here are our Pointed white carriers.



Macey is a blue carrying the gene for pointed whites.  She is the mother of Mercedes.  At this time Macey is a bit thin having just weaned a litter.
It is now December of 2000 and Macey is looking really good. When we first got  her she was slightly thin having just weaned a large litter. Look at her  now.
Macey currently has a litter by Artic Blast our BEW buck.  The babies were born Sept 19, 2001.  To see their five babies click on Macey's picture.




Teva is a Siamese Sable half sister to Reba and is a pointed white carrier.  Look at her lovely shading.  This is a color I would be happy to work with just for it's own sake.




This is our new young sable point buck.  While his ears keep him off the show table he has a number of good points my does are lacking.  Sable Point is the tort version of a sable and can be useful in breeding pointed whites due to the sable connection.  Teva is the result of a sable  point  x pointed white cross.

Aren't I cute?

Pudgy was  not quite 6 months old in these pictures.  He was born Dec 2, 2000 and the photos were taken on May 24, 2001  


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