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Our Other Color Holland Lops


Other colors for us means not a pointed white or a pointed white carrier.  Pictured is  a broken blue fawn/cream. and our new show bunny  an adorable Blue Eyed White (BEW) buck.   Blaster is 7 weeks old and Long Ears is 9 months old.  They were posed for this picture and we were very careful that neither one was upset but their closeness.

Another "other color" Holland we have is Marmalade.  Marmalade, a broken orange, is living here while his owner gets her rabbit area set up .  


Winkler's  Artic  Blast

Blaster fits his name, Winkler's Arctic Blast.  Pure white with lovely blue eyes and he came home at the beginning of an Arctic blast in November 2000. 

Why a BEW is called blue eyed!

Here  he is all grown up.  These pictures were taken  Sept 9, 2001. 


 For more pictures of Blaster and more information on him click here.

KB Marmalade


A Holland buck we kept until his new home was ready is KB Marmalade, a large broken orange sweetheart.  Marmalade has moved in with his new owners but we have a lovely litter from him and Macey.



WB Picasso 

Like father like son.  This is a young broken black out of Marmalade.  Picasso is however going to be smaller than his dad.  But  look at that type!  Picasso has moved to Nebraska to live with my good friend Kelly.

KB Long Ears

 Long Ears got moved to his own page!  To see Long Ears click on his picture below.




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