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Pointed White Holland Lops






PW Reba


PW Reba demonstrates the pointed white or Himalayan coloration for us.   She is a lovely adult female.  Her color is marred by her molt but if you look below you can see how dramatic this color can be.   I hope to be able to get babies from Reba this spring.  These pictures were taken in October.






These were taken on December 23,2000

Notice the difference in color!  In the first pictures Reba is just starting to molt.  In this set of pictures Reba has finished her molt and has grown in a winter coat.  She has been living outside in Wyoming during the first half of a this winter.





PW Reba died last night, Sept 20, 2001, due to liver disease.   We will miss her badly



Mercedes is 3 months old in her pictures. In the first picture you can see her nose smut but no other color.  In this shot you can  clearly see her "dirty" feet and ears. She has almost twice as much color as her brother. Amazing what a small treat of leaf lettuce can do. We believe that Mercedes is a blue pointed white.


Well it turns out Mercedes had a surprise in store for us.  She is now a young adult and look what happened!  Mercedes has developed into a gorgeous lilac pointed white!  To See more shots of her points showing off her color just click on her picture below.


Mercedes hates posing and that makes getting good pictures very difficult.  I think her lilac points are a lovely pastel color.  She is also looking a bit pudgy due to the babies she is carrying.  

Her babies were born  Aug 12, 2001.  Her babies are from my  sable point buck Pudgy.  To see her babies click here


Mercedes is really difficult to take pictures of.  Most of the time her color will not show up well as in this photo but I though it was too cute to pass up.  Her dark nose smut in this picture has shed out into  a lovely pale lilac just like the rest of her markings.







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