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We had babies this summer at Wind Blown!. One litter brought a bit of sadness to us. Butterfly our lovely friendly REW doe died trying to kindle her litter. Before her death she had one live baby. Quick actions saved its life and it grew up at a friend's house with a litter that had been born earlier in the day. BB also had a litter of babies. She had SIX! Unfortunately we lost 3 of them to her inexperience but she is raising 3 fat healthy babies right now. Their picture is here

On the left is BJ our only baby from Butterfly. She is going to be a nice Smoke Pearl Marten. We brought her home at 8 weeks of age. To keep her company we also brought home a "littermate" of BJ's. We THINK he is going to be a lovely Lilac Marten. This is Champlain on the left.

At the same time we also brought home a young chocolate Siamese sable. This color is nonshowable but I just fell in love with him. His mother is a Siamese Sable and his dad is a black Himalayan. This picture really doesn't show off his shading very well but it is there.


Blue Litter

These babies are 2 1/2 weeks old. They are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They are sitting inside their nest box. Teddy is the baby in front. In the rear of the box Little Otter is to the left and Boo Bear is to the right.

When they were old enough all these lovely babies went to new homes.  They were placed with local 4H kids free of charge to use in their Rabbit Project.  I trust the leaders that will be helping the kids plus everyone has my number in case they have any questions.


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