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KB Mercedes X Pudgy

Born: Aug 12, 2001

First looks, there are 5 babies in the nest.




Newborns don't  look very much like adult rabbits.  These babies are under a day old.  While moving the babies around to look closely at them I found a dead baby.  This is one good reason to always check your babies daily.

These pictures also show that yes, you can handle your babies the same day they are born. 

2 Days

At 2 days old the babies have changed color.  The light colored babies are turning dark on the points.  The 2 darker ones are now 2 different shades/tones.  These will be interesting to watch.

3 Days

Boy look at the color changes!  Defiantly 2 shades of solid "gray" plus shading on the lighter ones.   In one picture you can see the brownish tone of one baby.

4 Days 

Brown is more evident on the lighter of the two solids and one of the pale babies is looking cafe' au late' today.  Look at those bellies!  Cedes may not have pulled hair but she sure is feeding them well.


5 Days old

Those "sable points" are starting to show their shading more.  It is hard to see in the pictures but they are darker on the lower half and lighter on the upper half of their bodies. 


6 Days

Size differences are really starting to show up.  You can see how much larger the "sable points" are when compared to the little lighter solid colored baby.  Even the darker solid colored baby is smaller than the "sable points"



The body colors and shadings are darkening on the "sable points"





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