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What's New


We have been quietly building our herd of Netherland Dwarfs this spring and summer.

April 21,2000 An Agouti arrives!

Wilde Thing is a young opal buck. He has a wonderful color. We are looking forward to good times with him. Thanks Neil and Barb and no I won't let you have him back.


In May

We added a smoke pearl marten and her blue half sister. Thanks to Ann Bacus and her daughter for this lovely pair.

The is BB   This is Diamond Lil


August 10, 2000, BB2 arrives!

BB2 is a "lynx" Netherland Dwarf doe.  She was bred by two of our local 4H members. Because of her April 1st birthday we have given her the name April. Plans are to use April to develop a line of torts and related colors.


Sept. 9, 2000 Mac arrives

Mac is a small typey black buck carrying chocolate. He is 5 months old in this picture! He will be tiny when completely grown . He will be a big help to my otter line. Thanks Kochs.

Wind Blown has had babies this summer and we bought a few young babies look for them on our babies page.


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