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Satin Lops

The breeder is working towards a sturdy 4 class rabbit about the size of a standard Rex. Currently only red, "light ones" and "whites" have occured in his line which is 10 years old. Out crosses have produced chins and coppers. There are also brokens in the out crosses.

To see our satin lops click here.


Reds are a dark deep red color showing good sheen.





Modina is an adult example of a" light one" or "Bronze" as I am calling them . This color comes from the reds but is more a cream and brownish color. This color is lighter than the reds.


This is a baby "bronze". Notice how she almost looks pinkish on parts of her body? The "bronze" have cream undercoats up about 2/3 of the hair shaft and the last 1/3 is brownish color.



Bronze baby eye
Red baby eye

Their eyes are lighter than a reds but I am not sure what color to call them. Light brown or dark bluegray neither really fits.







The "white"s are are nearly pure white. This one has color on the nose and ears but the rest of the body appears white unless you look closely. If you do you will see the colored guard hairs scattered in the coat. The "whites" have colored eyes.