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More Baby Pictures

These pictures are of my babies at one week old

. This batch is of babies from Litter 2 






Look at the pretty orange on the ear edges.  The "black" and my broken "black" are actually a color called Otter.  The orange on the ears is the giveaway.  Of course I did not see the orange.  It was pointed out to me by my friend aurileigh.  Look at  the odd color on the sable baby in these pictures.  This dark baby was born  light silvery gray and will turn into a shaded brown color.



Here's Bandit! 

He is a week old here.



Here is Bandit and a littermate at 10 days old.  Their eyes have just opened and they are starting to explore their world.  Bandit has gotten out of the nestbox twice already.



Look at the black behind  Bandit's ears.  It looks very odd to me.  You can also see some black on his ears in the picture on the right. 



My  other litter is also 10 days old today and here are a couple of pictures of the broken form that litter.






I have not shown Bandits littermates.  Here are his two  REW or ruby eyed white littermates.  They are 12 days old.