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Red-eyed dilution is a genetic trait that turns normal brown or black cavy eyes to red or pink. It also changes the color of the fur. Fur that should have been black turns gray or Lilac as it is called. Chocolate becomes Beige. Red and Cream colors are possibly lightened a bit but don't change colors.

 This is what a red eye looks like. The colored spots on the head are beige.




I am working on red-eyed dilute agoutis. The appearance of these cavies can be very deceiving. Below are two sows I bred. The "orange" is a lilac based orange tipped agouti and the "cream" is a beige base cream tipped agouti.

WB Amethyst

WB Puce




My current herd is only 3 cavies. I had to get out for a year for medical reasons, but could not stay away from my squeakers.

My senior sow is WB Puce. Puce was born here but was among the cavies I had to give up. She came back to me with a litter of newborn babies.




My junior sow is Annie. Annie is a "Rainbow". She is patched with white, orange and lilac.



Doesn't she have a cute face?


My boar is a young male about 5 weeks old. . He is a dilute agouti like Amethyst. You can see his lilac undercoat in the picture on the right.



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