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6 Weeks old Holland Lops

Notice the funky ear carriages on the babies.  Holland Lop babies have normal ear carriage for the first few weeks of their live.  Starting at about 3 weeks the babies ear carriage goes down, up, forward and just about everything in between. Most babies finally settle in a dropped ear carriage but there are some that "stick" with airplanes, horns, or up and down for the remainder of their life.

Picasso sleeping in the feeder.  This sight nearly gave me a heart attack.







Onyx now has airplane ears.  This picture shows his shading.  At first glance Onyx looks black but closer examination revels his shading and the fact he is a very dark Sable.





Jasper being cute, scratching an itch.  Jasper currently has one ear straight up and one straight down.  Very odd looking.




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 5 weeks old

7 weeks old