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Welcome to Neverland's Home on the net!  Come On In!
We are located in Western Maine, about 25 Minutes from the NH border in 2 Directions.  We raise:
   Netherland Dwarfs ( in Otter, Chestnut, and selfs),
   Jersey Woolies ( in Black Pointed White, Black, and Siamese Sable)
   American Fuzzy Lops ( In Tort, Black, Chestnut, Siamese Sable, Sable Point, Orange, Blue- all in Broken and Solid)
   Standard Rex ( In Black, Blue and Chocolate, all in Broken and Solid).
    I strive for Show Quality animals that are Healthy and have good temperaments.  The Health of my animals is Paramount to me.. I will NOT sell an unhealthy or unsound animal.
    As of right now (mid March) I cannot ship due to weather.  But it is possible to ship at buyers expense from Portland International Jetport in Portland Maine.  Remember though to add the cost of a carrier, Vet Cert. and Shipping to the animals cost.
    Follow the Links above to see some of my animals.