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My friends and their rabbits live all over the world. We meet in chat rooms and talk about our rabbits, our lives, and anything else good friends talk about. A picture with a blue border leads to another site. Please enjoy looking here and on my friends sites.

baby holland lop

Adorable isn't it? This is a baby Holland Lop. These are among the smallest of the lop breeds. They are supposed to be under 4 pounds when full grown. They come in a wide variety of colors. Bubette is called a broken because she has white and another color on her. I know a lot of people who raise Holland Lops. Bubette belongs to my friend SylvanOak


These are a pair of young English Lop does. This extraordinary breed is known for it's long ears that must be at least 21" form tip to tip and preferably even longer. The does in this picture have very long ears. The solid (doe on the left) has 28 inch ears and the broken doe has ears over 27inches from ear tip to ear tip. This is also a LARGE breed with some reaching over 14 pounds! This picture was donated by my friend Ramlop


harlequinThis Harlequin picture was donated by my friend Lupe. It is a nice black magpie doe. You can tell it is a doe by the dewlap (loose skin on the neck) This picture is linked to Lupe's web site.

This lovely rabbit is know in the United States as a Jersey Wooly.  This breed is a small wooled breed mainly kept as show and pet rabbits.  The Jersey Wooly weighs about 3 pounds and the coat is supposed to be an easy care wool making it a nice first rabbit for those interested in the wooled breeds.   This  is Flash Dance from Brightside`s Woolies, in Burlington, WI.  She has a G. C. leg as a junior and is owned by a chatter called BEWaboosoog.  Click on the picture to see her site.


red rexThe Rex is a medium sized breed or rabbit with a wonderful velveteen like coat. They are between 71/2 to 10 1/2 pounds. Many make excellent pets but they are also used for meat and their fur in some places. Pam Alley owns this Rex.


The Mini Rex is a small breed developed by people that loved Rex but wanted something smaller. Mini Rex are only 3 to 4 1/2 pounds. They are great pets and make wonderful challenging show rabbits. This doe belongs to Shamrock Rabbitry


Another lovely Rex this one owned by Dunn Mountain Rabbitry.   Click on the rex to see Auri's site.



belgian hareThe Belgian Hare is a rabbit that has been bred to look like a hare . In America only one color is recognized, the one shown here. As you can see they have long legs and a racy body. Their weight is 6 to 9 pounds. This picture was donated by Tan Fire Rabbitry



  Englaish AngoraRabbits have been raised for a long time for their wonderful, light, fluffy, warm, wool. Unlike sheep's wool rabbit wool still acts as a insulator when wet due to its unique structure. Each wool shaft is made of cells of air all held together by the outer "skin" of the shaft. There are 5 breeds of rabbits raised for wool and two smaller wooled breeds kept almost exclusively as pets. This is an English Angora the smallest of the breeds raised for wool. This is a lovely blue tort. Just looking at the picture gives you an idea how much work is involved in keeping one of these rabbits well groomed and the wool in tip top shape. This picture was given to me by my friend Sharon.   The rabbit was owned by her at that time but is now owned by Mike Scott.  Click on the picture to see more of her rabbits




Many breeds were developed in the United States for meat production. One of the best is the Californian. This lovely rabbit belongs to my friend at Viking Farms. The picture links to their web site, check it out.




Another fine breed developed for meat purposes as well as showing is the Satin. Named for it's extremely shiny coat the satin is required to have a "commercial body type" and is judged on the "SHEEN" of it's coat. The Satin is a popular show breed coming in many lovely colors. MK is a friend that breeds satins, this lovely blue is one of hers and the lovely red satin is from my friends Gaila and Jack Roberts


The pictures of rabbits on this page are sole property of their owners. I was given permission to use them on this page.

Please DO NOT "borrow" them for other sites!


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