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My Fair Entries

Entry in our County Fair is free.  Last year I entered digital photography for the first time and also entered "Floriculture" with a daylily and a marigold.  This year I entered digital photography, floriculture and horticulture (garden vegetables).

Floriculture is garden flowers.  This year I took in a daylily like this one  and also took in some of my dianthus flowers that grow inside the daylily bed.

Mighty Gold One Daylily



Horticulture was a joke this year for many of us.  With snowstorms occurring into mid-June many gardens are only now starting to bear.  Nonetheless I did manage to make up 6 classes in this section. 

 Snap Beans, Any other variety, Leaf Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Head Lettuce, Crookneck  Summer Squash, and Scallop Summer Squash.

Digital Photography has only 3 classes. 

Scenic - green ribbon(3rd)

 People - white(4th)

 Animals - red ribbon(2nd)